Maat or Isft

Black/African people have a deep ethical tradition that is not only ancient, but is one that has largely survived our experiences of slavery and colonialism. Despite this, there are many who wish to assert that decadence is our way, that degeneracy is the essence of who we are as a people. These people have not only unmoored themselves from history, they have accepted a falsified consciousness of who we are.

One thought on “Maat or Isft”

  1. What will happen when the money stops? As it most certainly will sooner or later – and probably sooner given the current state of things. The prominent imagery of mass disorder and utter confusion that we can observe everywhere these days is bought and paid for by our enemies. But, when the money stops, methinks that much of the vociferous advocacy for decadent and degenerate behavior by some folks will vanish into oblivion – where it belongs. They have adopted some unsavory and unclean ways rooted in fundamental alienation. Yet, adversity is life’s greatest teacher. As the work of the great scribe and scholar Mzee Jedi Shemsu Jehewty suggests, the primary task of those who still have discernment, those who have learned the value of the wisdom traditions of our ancestors is to maintain their integrity, and uphold morally responsible living, and to do by serving as examples thereof.

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