Empire in blackface

People are working overtime to make sure that Black people are the face of empire. After a while, some will realize how myopic a pursuit “representation” is in contrast to institutional capacity (i.e., power). However, given the current and salient neoliberal logics regarding what passes for “activism”, this may be a long-time in coming and will likely result from the continued delegitimization of the Black elite. I do question whether the same mental energies that went into rationalizing acquisitiveness and (gaudy) representation as a pathway towards group power will be easily redirected towards more productive paths.

The hamster’s wheel

Dr. Greg Carr reminds us that the pursuit for “citizenship rights” is an endeavor that binds our efforts and the scope of our aspirations within the structure and logics of the settler colony called the United States of America.
The pursuit for the rights of citizenship are merely re-christened for each generation as the quest for integration, reform, inclusion, or representation. In each case, such pursuit directs time and energy that could be directed towards our liberation towards futile endeavors.
No evidence to date–despite all of our exhaustive efforts, powerful orations, erudite petitions, or moral appeals suggest that African people will be given a “seat at the table” of the descendants conquers and enslavers or their beneficiaries. Nor should we want it.